Online Shopping

Increased Internet penetration, improved security measures, convenience of shopping, hard pressed for time and presence of reputed e-retailers. Online shopping is a treat for the Indian shoppers. A survey conducted by Consumer Voice revealed that there are primarily three reasons why consumers shop online, namely; overall convenience, range and availability of products and lower prices.

Another survey conducted by the Assocham revealed that of the 110 million internet users, majority of shoppers (55%) are in the age group of 26-35 and 85% shoppers are males. The Assocham survey also shows that the online shopping market is estimated at Rs.92,000 crore and is growing 100% every year.

These surveys are a reflection of the changing mindset of the Indian consumer. No longer is a visit to the shop or mall the only option for the consumer. Online shopping brings the mall to the fingertips of the consumers.

India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, Gati Limited offers a customers’ conjunction platform with Gaticonnect takes online shopping to the next level fortified with the credibility of India’s market leader in logistics solutions, Gati. Gaticonnect offers a wide range of products, attractive prices and also caters to specific tastes with traditional offerings as well. The excellent services and customer care sets gati connect apart from the rest.

Compiled by Forrester Consulting and Google Search Trends, a study says that India will have 100 million online shoppers chasing India’s $15 billion e-retail market by 2016. With online shopping on an upswing, gati connect is inching towards setting new benchmarks with its emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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With an annual turnover of Rs 12094 million Gati operates a fleet of 4000 vehicles on road, 3 marine vessels and over 7000 business partners across India. This allows Gati to offer a plethora of options to the customer, hitherto unmatched in the industry.